Alberto Brogliato

Born in the province of Vicenza in 1981, Alberto Brogliato graduated in Product Design at Venice’s IUAV University in 2006. For eight years, he worked in design and R&D with Euro3Plast and PLUST Collection, for which he designed numerous products and gained an honourable mention in 2010, and a “design of wonder” award in 2013 at the Young&Design competition. Then, together with Federico Traverso, he founded the brogliatotraverso design studio, which has received several international awards including these awards: Red Dot design, IF design, German Design, Good Design and A’ Design.

There are several ways of working in design. You can place your creativity at the service of communication and create magnificent, expressly-emotional products; or you can take more silent paths that invent objects which aim not towards immediate wonder but to an intimate, subtle and deep empathy. This latter approach to design best represents us, and we try to infuse it throughout our work and thus to a design unconditioned by the latest trends or temporary formal solutions, and without its results being constrained by the space in which they are included. The aim is to create timeless products which establish a delicate relationship with the user and space, and which respect both while stating their presence.