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euro3plast was established in 1974 in an Italy of thriving design, creativity and innovation. A family united around the company, the passion that from the outset brings together ideas, effort, and gives birth to great products. The group strongly sets out to transfer care and style to all its products, and continuously raises the bar of innovation and respect for the environment.

In 2007, the first Plust collection is presented, proud of it collaborations with internationally renowned designers. The result is an exciting melting pot of skills that produces some truly inspiring items: the ideas behind the forms, the detail that creates the most authentic beauty of true Italian excellence.


Sustainability report

Plust is a brand of Euro3plast which, on the occasion of the publication of its Sustainability Report, renews its ‘green’ commitment.

Not a finishing point, but an incentive to continue towards an increasingly responsible production, one that is less impactful on the environment and above all shared with the world around us, from suppliers and customers to our employees and the digital community.

The euro3plast Sustainability Report addresses the sustainable development goals defined by the UN 2030 Agenda. It offers us with a great opportunity to make our commitment and choices in economic, environmental and social sustainability a tangible reality.

The three-year period 2020 – 2021 – 2022 has therefore been measured and reported with facts and figures that certify the value of our actions and performance.

Sustainability for us is about working sensibly to be compatible with the environment and changing conditions. With our first Sustainability Report, we want to share this journey of ours with everyone, with the aim of continuing and improving it even more into the future.


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