For PLUST Collection, the essence of a product lies in its versatility. Wear resistance is reliability, lightness is comfort, and aesthetics is pleasure.

The theme that will accompany PLUST Collection in 2016 is Comfort!

Two the new families of products introduced: the French designer Philippe Tabet designs Four Lamp - the lamp composed of the suspension version, of the high and the low ground version - where softness and sinuosity take shape thanks to the  light volume on the plastic; Bold, conceived by Giulio Iacchetti, is the collection of sofa and armchair with comfortable dimensions that, together with the coffee table, complete the decor of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.
Matteo Ragni develops the range of the Frozen family, adding to the wide proposal a lamp, a display and a new stool with the typical facets that characterize the whole collection.
Halfway between abstract and figurative, between icon and cartoon, the Biggie lamp - signed by Filippo Protasoni - together with the double version of the container Plust Van and Mini Plust Van - designed by Michele Menescardi - are objects that decor the living spaces with irony.