PLUST Collection puts the product at the centre by focusing on the classy finishes that enhance this line’s elegant and essential forms, which have always characterized the brand.

Two new product families were presented: Atene, by Valerio Sommella, made up of straight and corner seats and coffee table, in which the forms inspired by Greek-Roman architecture are softened by deep cushions; and Tool, created by Philippe Tabet, the table and stool with the subtle and elegant forms, which minimize the thickness of the plastic material, to create a light and refined design result.

Among the new items linked to the suggestions of the natural world are: Raffa, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is a sculpture made in two different dimensions with the appearance of a giraffe, and the pots Beaver and Quack, designed by Matteo Zorzenoni, which tenderly evoke the outlines of a beaver and a duck.

PLUST Collection also launches a product line for the children's world: Plust Junior, a veritable world of object-sculptures that evokes real and imaginary animals, toys for toddlers, and iconic good-luck items for older customers who want to furnish their living and office spaces with a touch of humour. Many new characters give life to this new imaginary world: Marmotta and Coccodrillo by AM Design Office, Odla by Giorgio Biscaro, Ping by JoeVelluto (JVLT), Peggy by Matteo Ragni, and Pony by Olev Pugachev