finishings and materials


/ 2007 design Alessandro Busana

Triptych of vases with fluid forms that echo the sinuous harmony of a female body.
Ideal for small size or vertical shaped plants. The three parties can also live individually.

Alessandro Busana

Alessandro Busana was born in Padua (Italy) on 29-01-77. In 1998 he graduated in industrial design at the Scuola Italiana Design. Since 1999, participating in workshops to Rollerblade, Fila, Whirlpool, Alfa Romeo, Chicco, Roncato and Alessi. Since 2004 working for creative design oriented on product and speaces, participated in nationally and internationally avant-garde exhibitions and is published by major magazines. In 2009 create Hole Design, a new research and development concept studio. Among the various events and exhibitions, please note; THE NEW ITALIAN DESIGN, Triennale Milan; NAZIONALE ITALIANA DESIGN Pitti Living, Milan Design Week; WONDERFUL WATER WORLD S.Pellegrino/Guzzini event, Milan Design Week; COINCASADESIGN Magna Pars, Milan Design Week; FOOD+DESIGN+ART=FORM New York University, New York; MADE FOR CHINA Opos, Milan Design Week; URBAN WALK LIGHT Texture&Materials+Polidesign, Superstudio Piu, Milan Design Week.