finishings and materials


/ 2017 design Matteo Ragni

Peggy by Matteo Ragni is the piggy-bank pig who has lost his coin-slot.
Disgruntled for not being able to save, he has given himself over to life’s pleasures and has become a storyteller. With his curious snout, he brings good luck to all those around. This fun item to display, and is always there to prompt a thought and a smile.

Matteo Ragni

Was born in Milan in 1972. He obtained a degree in architecture from the Politecnico of Milan. He has worked in the field of design since 1995. He teaches at the Faculty of Design at the “Politecnico” of Milan and the “Istituto Europeo di Design”. He has held workshops at various universities in Chile and taken part in exhibitions in Italy and Scotland. In 1998 he founded the Aroundesign studio with Giulio Iacchetti and together, in 2001, they won the ADI Golden Compass award with their biodegradable multipurpose cutlery “Moscardino”, which is displayed in the permanent design exhibition at the MOMA in New York.