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/ 2017 design A.M. Design Office

What’s all this about crocodile tears? Designed by A.M. design office, Coccodrillo is a reformed predator of the River Nile who, exposing his more playful side, is now a talented acrobat at the affectionate disposal of youngsters, who can use him as a rocking chair.
A.M. has refined the shape, which is hinted rather than hailed it, to create an item – available the classic and Mini sizes – that furnishes and interacts with its surrounding space.

A.M. Design Office

AM design office born in 2015 in Bolzano by the will of Simone Simonelli and Giulia Cavazzani.
Today AM is made by a team of different and complementary profiles, with backgrounds in the fields of design, entrepreneurship and innovation. AM design product systems for manufacturing companies, with a strategic approach oriented to customers’ experiences and a vivid interest for new technologies.