Matteo Zorzenoni

The style that sets him apart and has made him one of the most promising Italian designers is the continuous study of the materials and being able to unlock their unexpected potential, like creating glasses made of concrete, glass structures, liquid metal tables… His projects have been showcased in some of the most important exhibitions worldwide including: Maxxi in Rome, Triennale di Milano, London Design Festival, Centre Pompidou and the Biennale of Architecture in Venice. Zorzenoni has been a lecturer at the University of Architecture of Venice IUAV, is currently working with the IED in Madrid and leads workshops for the Domaine de Boisbuchet (Vitra Design Museum). After a long experience as a consultant for Fabrica (since 2006) he currently works alongside Jaime Hayon following the Italian branch of the studio. In parallel, he continues his research into the world of high-quality craftsmanship and the creation of new projects for clients such as Cappellini, Mercedes Benz, Replay, Alcantara, Benetton, Bosa, Miniforms, Somethingood, Agusta Westland, MM Lampadari, Nason Moretti. Matteo Zorzenoni with Zaven and Giorgio Biscaro are the promoters of Something Good, a project which aims to create a platform for research on design and communication (

When I start designing, I always start out from two points: the first is an imaginary research of what I would like to do without setting limits in terms of production or cost; the second – more pragmatic – is the analysis of the company I am working for and its customers. Together, the two phases make the product a good mix, which is one of the reasons why many of my products evoke graphic or figurative images despite having a strong technological and innovative content. I always try to create items which are “long sellers”, which go a little beyond the trends and last a long time. Before marketing a new product, I always ask myself “would I buy it for my home”? If the answer is “yes”, the product can go on; if not, it’s back to the drawing board.